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5-Day Challenge - Find Out Why Your Brand Isn't Making a Million

Your competitor is earning millions, but not you! Well, we have sorted it out for you. In just 5 days, pinpoint the exact reasons you’re lagging behind and reveal the top 1% Amazon store strategies. From listing optimization to PPC mastery, we cover it all.



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Learn Online, Bite-Sized Lessons (1-2 Hrs/Day)

You’ll Learn:

Your Million-Dollar Amazon Brand: 5 Days to Find Out Why It's Not Happening

Tired of your Amazon PPC campaigns falling flat? 🤔 Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing Amazon algorithm? 🤯

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 🤝

The truth is, outdated PPC tactics just don’t cut it anymore. 🙅‍♂️

More competition = more customer choices. Your old playbook won’t win in today’s Amazon landscape.

But what if there was a proven, step-by-step system that could Amplify your sales and Escalate you to the top of the Amazon rankings? 🚀

Well, there is! And we’re spilling all the secrets in our 5-Day Amazon PPC Challenge. 🔓

During this challenge, you’ll discover:

💥 The latest “profit-first” PPC strategies that top sellers use to dominate the market. 

💥 How to eliminate wasted ad spend and maximize your ROI. 

💥 A simple, “copy-and-paste” framework to create high-converting campaigns. 

💥 The secrets to boosting your organic ranking and driving long-term growth. 

💥 (Hint: There are only 3 types of products that really matter for PPC success)

No more guesswork. No more frustration. Just results. 💯

One size does NOT fit all. We’ll tailor strategies to YOUR specific product type.

Ready to take your Amazon PPC to the next level? 💪

By the time you finish, you’ll have a PPC action plan you can feel confident to run yourself or hand off to your team.

Sign up for our challenge today and get secrets to Amazon PPC success! 🏆

Discover the exact reasons holding your Amazon brand back from hitting that million-dollar mark.


200+ reviews on Fiver


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I’m Abdullah Awais—Innovator. Strategist. Digital Marketing Savant. The mind behind the first voice-activated shopping assistant on Amazon. I’m the founder and CEO of Impactwolves, a leading force in Amazon PPC and conversion optimization.

Under my direction, Impactwolves has carved out a reputation as a premier PPC and Amazon partnership agency within the Amazon community. We collaborate with a spectrum of brands, ranging from burgeoning startups to established multi-million dollar names on Amazon. 

We are proud to be part of Amazon’s Advertising partner network. This status as a Verified Amazon ads partner grants us access to exclusive tools, beta programs, cutting-edge training, and an advanced advertising console. We’re also among the first to receive updates about changes to Amazon’s advertising platform.

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Amazon Audit

Is Your Amazon Brand Leaving Money on the Table?

The choice is yours:

Join the challenge and finally decode the path to Amazon success.

Testimonials and Social Proof

How Our Proprietary PPC Framework Has Helped Other Amazon Sellers

“If I joined earlier I wouldn’t have wasted time & money on Guru’s”

“If I joined earlier I wouldn’t have wasted time & money on Guru’s”

“If I joined earlier I wouldn’t have wasted time & money on Guru’s”

Get 5 Days Of Game Changing Training to become 7-Figure Seller For Just $5

is about finding the Million-Dollar problems in Your Product Listings

Think about “What’s missing in your product listings?” here, we’re going undercover, dissecting the listings of your competitors, especially the ones with million-dollar benchmarks. We’ll compare them to yours and find the problems: subpar images, confusing descriptions, and missed keyword opportunities.

is about Deconstructing Your Competitors' Million-Dollar Strategies

We’ll go behind enemy lines. It’s not just spying on your millions-generating competitors; it’ll learn from their success. We’ll analyze their pricing strategies, reviews (and yes, even the negative ones!), most importantly, their keyword dominance. You’ll also find out if they are stealing from you by placing ads on your products.

is revealing the PPC secrets of the top 1% of Amazon sellers.

No more guesswork, just proven strategies for campaign structure, keyword targeting, and budget optimization. You will exact % distribution of the budget on campaign types.

Amplifying Your Reach with Strategic Ad Placements

 is all about maximizing your impact. We’ll dive into your existing PPC data, uncovering which products have the most potential to be your million-dollar winners. You’ll learn how to strategically place your ads where they’ll get the most attention, dominating the search results and stealing the spotlight from your competitors.

Architecting Your Path to a Million Dollars

Day 5 is where the magic happens. We’ll take everything you’ve learned and build a bulletproof PPC campaign structure customized to your brand and goals. Focusing on sustainable, scalable Amazon stores that can reach the million-dollar mark and beyond. You’ll leave with a finely-tuned PPC machine, ready to outsmart your competition and fuel your growth for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

This challenge is designed for Amazon sellers of all levels who want to eliminate wasted ad spend, maximize ROI, and achieve sustainable growth in 2024 and beyond.

To participate fully, you must be an active Amazon seller (or an employee of a brand) with a product already on Amazon or a clear launch plan. PPC experts and freelancers are welcome to attend the live training, but with limited access to community benefits. Agencies are not eligible at this time.

Simply fill out our application form [Link to Application Form] and complete your payment. If qualified, you’ll be redirected to a secure payment page. We’ll send you a confirmation email with event details and next steps.

Expect to optimize your ad spend, lower PPC costs, and potentially boost sales by 300-400%. You’ll also learn strategies to increase visibility, rank higher for keywords, gain reviews faster, and optimize your listings for higher conversion and click-through rates.

Yes! The PPC, conversion optimization, and click-through rate strategies we teach are universal and applicable to any product category and Amazon marketplace.

bird price of $47 for the entire challenge. This includes live training, the PPC Playbook, templates, guides, action plans, and community support.

[Include specific dates and times of the challenge]. The challenge will be held online, providing you with the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

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