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Truck Gear Warehouse: Amazon PPC Drives Sales from $0 to $180K in 5 Months

Truck Gear Warehouse

Background: Truck Gear Warehouse is a company specializing in automotive wrapping vinyl, lighting products, and accessories. With a diverse and extensive selection of over 1500 vinyl styles and colors, the company is dedicated to delivering top-tier quality products at competitive prices due to direct engagement with manufacturers. Coupled with excellent after-sales service, Truck Gear Warehouse […]

Rocketing Sales Growth by 210%: A PPC Success Story for Windscreen Supply Co.

Windscreen Supply Co

Background: Windscreen Supply Co., based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, has been a valued client for the past 1.5 years. The company is a direct manufacturer and distributor specializing in Windscreens, Mesh Tarps, Sound Control Barriers, and related accessories. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their high-quality products that cater to everyday consumer needs. Each […]

HarveyFrances: 73% Sales Spike, 7% TACoS Drop

Harvey Frances

Background: HarveyFrances, a company known for its innovative EzyShade brand of windshield sunshades, quickly rose to prominence in the auto accessories marketplace after its launch in 2015. With a focus on universal fit and convenience, EzyShade set a new standard for quality and became a best-seller on just a year after its inception, demonstrating […]

EzAuto Wrap Success Story: From Stagnation to 82% Sales Growth with Efficient ACOS Management

ezauto wrap case study

Background: EzAuto Wrap Inc., established in 2011, is a frontrunner in the automotive wrapping vinyl, lighting products, and accessories industry. Headquartered in California, the company operates extensively in key markets like the United States, Europe, and Asia. By directly engaging with manufacturers, EzAuto Wrap is able to offer competitive prices while maintaining an expansive range […]

Kenneth Cole: A 45% Sales Jump on Amazon in 60 Days

Kenneth Cole

Result 60 days sales growth 45% Result ACOS Under 5% Background: Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., founded in 1982, is an American fashion house renowned for its footwear, apparel, and accessories. Established by Kenneth Cole, the company has earned a reputation for its socially conscious advertising and charitable involvement. Their products are sold in various retail […]

8-Figure Brand Expansion

Result glance views Increase 60% Result ACOS Under 10% Background Our client, a substantial brand with over 200 active listings, was generating a significant monthly revenue of $800K to $1M. With their large product portfolio and established market presence, they sought our assistance to further expand their brand visibility and increase sales. Objective The client’s […]

Seasonal Product Relaunch

Result Achieved ROAS 6% Result Sales Generated 60% Background Our client, who offers seasonal products, approached us right before their peak season was about to commence. They needed assistance in leveraging the impending surge in seasonal search volumes. Using a combination of SEO and PPC strategies, our goal was to meet the client’s Target Return […]

72% boost in sales for Car Brand

Result increase Ad sales 72% Result Decrease in ACOS 5% Background Our client, a prominent German car brand, had been trying to establish their presence on Amazon and increase their revenue. They had already set up an account with a single automatic and manual campaign targeting over 100+ keywords.  However, despite their year-long presence, they […]

Rank Recovery for Pet Brand

Result increase Ad sales 100% Result reduction in ACOS 5% Background Our client, who was generating a combined monthly revenue of $100K from two-parent listings, accidentally archived all campaigns, leading to a monthly spend of $7K being lost. This incident had a detrimental effect on both their organic and sponsored ranks, causing a steady decline […]