8-Figure Brand Expansion

Background: The client approached us with a brand of 200+ active listings making $800k to $1M monthly revenue, 30% of the total sales were drawn from Ads at an ACOS under 10%. Objective: Expand the brand through Display and Branded Campaign Funnel. Steps Taken: Complete brand research was done to identify the different personality types […]

Seasonal Product Relaunch

The client reached me to help them with their seasonal products just before the season was about to start. I helped them use SEO and PPC strategies to take advantage of the seasonal search volume increase. The Target ROAS for the client was 5, I was able to generate 60% more sales than last year […]

72% boost in sales for Car Brand

Background: A german car brand approached me for an audit of their account. There were only two campaigns set up on the account. A year-old Automatic Campaign with all four targeting groups turned on and a manual campaign targeting 100+ Keywords with all three match types in a single campaign. Overall ACOS on the account […]

Rank Recovery for Pet Brand

Background: The client approached us when all the campaigns with a monthly spend of 7K were Archived mistakenly by him. The two-parent listings that were generating 100K of monthly revenue combined were gradually dropping as both the organic and sponsored ranks were affected by this action. Objective: Set up a new campaign structure to regain […]