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LPN Barcode Amazon: Understanding Amazon’s Internal Tracking System

LPN Barcode Amazon

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Have you ever received an Amazon package with a strange barcode you don’t recognize? That jumble of letters and numbers might be an LPN barcode Amazon. 

LPN stands for “License Plate Number,” and it’s Amazon’s internal system for tracking individual items within their huge fulfillment centers. Understanding LPN barcodes can be helpful for both Amazon sellers and curious customers. 

Sellers can use them to manage inventory, while customers can gain insight into whether an item is truly new or potentially a returned product. 

In this guide, we will tell you all about the Amazon LPN barcode. 

So, let’s dive in!

What is LPN Barcode Amazon?

An LPN barcode or LPN label Amazon is known as a “License Plate Number” barcode. It’s a special code that helps Amazon keep track of specific items in its system. 

Each LPN is linked to one particular item. This helps keep track of items accurately and handle them efficiently while they’re stored and shipped. These LPN barcodes carefully follow each item’s trip through the supply chain, from when it’s first received to when it’s finally delivered.

What is the Purpose of an Amazon LPN Barcode?

There are 2 primary purposes for using an Amazon LPN barcode:

Purpose 1: Internal Processing

Amazon relies on LPN labels to track items within its facilities. These stickers play an important role in managing the flow of goods through Amazon’s warehouses, ensuring that each item is correctly accounted for as it passes through various stages of the supply chain.

Purpose 2: Returned Goods Tracking

The barcodes on LPN labels are very useful for Amazon’s FBA returns report. This helps Amazon manage returns more effectively, keeping better records and improving how it manages inventory and satisfies customers.

How Does an LPN Barcode Amazon Help Track Orders?

Amazon sellers sell an average of 8600 items per minute! Have you ever wondered how all these packages flow so smoothly through Amazon’s vast network? This is where an LPN barcode comes into play! 

Here’s how it helps track your orders:

Step 1: Allocation of Amazon LPN Label

When sellers send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, each item is given a special LPN Amazon barcode. This barcode is like a digital fingerprint, staying with the item as it travels through Amazon’s warehouses.

Step 2: Inbound Processing 

As a seller’s shipment arrives, each item gets scanned. The LPN barcode links the product to the seller’s account, quantity, and other details.

Step 3: Inventory Placement 

Using the LPN barcode, Amazon’s system efficiently determines the best storage location for the item based on factors like size, demand, and pick frequency.

Step 4: Locating and Picking an Order

When you make a purchase, the system uses the item’s LPN barcode to locate it in the warehouse. Then, the warehouse team finds and picks the specific item for packing.

Step 5: Packing and Shipment 

The LPN barcode is scanned again during packing to make sure the correct item is going into the right box. This minimizes picking errors and ensures you receive what you ordered.

Step 6: Returns and Reselling

When you return an item to Amazon, they assign it a new LPN barcode once they receive it. This helps them track the returned item as it goes through the processing and potential restocking process. The original LPN remains associated with the initial sale.

In short, an Amazon LPN barcode is essential in tracking items at every stage, ensuring smooth order processing and well-managed inventory.

Benefits of Using LPN Barcode Amazon?

Amazon LPN barcodes come with several great benefits for Amazon and everyone using the platform, including sellers and customers. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages:

Benefits for Amazon

Enhanced Efficiency

Amazon LPN helps make warehouse operations more efficient by making it easier to quickly and accurately identify, sort, and locate individual items. This means that the shipments can be processed faster and with fewer errors.

Improved Inventory Management

Amazon gets real-time info about stock levels by tracking each item with a unique LPN barcode. This helps with better inventory control and optimized storage allocation.

Reduced Errors

The Amazon LPN scanner process minimizes picking and packing mistakes, making sure that customers receive the exact items they ordered.

Benefits for Sellers

FBA Inventory Tracking

When sellers use Amazon’s FBA service, they can use LPNs to keep track of their inventories as they move within Amazon’s warehouses. This helps them stay updated about stock levels, picking efficiency, and potential return rates.

Identifying Returned Items

When a customer returns an item, the new LPN assigned can help sellers determine whether the item they receive back is a previously sold product. This information helps them make informed decisions about restocking or potentially discounting the returned item.

Benefits for Customers

Faster Delivery Times

Using LPNs for inventory management can help speed up order processing and lead to faster customer delivery times.

Reduced Order Errors

LPN tracking helps ensure that the customers receive the correct items in their orders.

What Does an Amazon LPN Label Look Like?

The LPN sticker is a small, white, rectangular label often found on Amazon parcels. It has a barcode and a series of numbers followed by “LPN RR” written on it. This sticker is usually placed over any existing FNSKU stickers or barcodes present on the packaging of items.

How to Identify LPN Barcode Amazon on Return Reports?

If you’re wondering about Amazon LPN lookup on the FBA return reports, here is what you need to do:

Step 1

Go to the Amazon Seller Central page and click “Reports > Return Reports.”

Step 2

Click on “View FBA Reports.”

Step 3

Now, go to “Reports > Fulfillment” and click on “FBA Customer Returns” from the menu on the left. 

Step 4

Enter a specific “Event Date” or the LPN barcode, click “Generate Report,” and download it from the “Download” tab.

When you open the downloaded report, you’ll find all the information that’s vital for your returns analysis. You can expect to discover important details such as:

  • Return Date
  • Order ID
  • SKU
  • Amazon ASIN Label
  • Product Name
  • Quantity
  • Fulfillment Center ID
  • Detailed Disposition
  • Reason for Return
  • Unit Status
  • LPN Barcode
  • Customer Comments

Tracking your Amazon products, orders, and returns can feel overwhelming. But, managing your inventory and orders well is very important for success on Amazon. Using Amazon LPN can help a lot.

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