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8-Figure Brand Expansion

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Background information of Automotive Brand

Our client, a substantial brand with over 200 active listings, was generating a significant monthly revenue of $800K to $1M. With their large product portfolio and established market presence, they sought our assistance to further expand their brand visibility and increase sales.


The client’s main objective was to expand the brand through a Display and Branded Campaign Funnel. The goal was to improve their reach and visibility in front of their target audience by leveraging strategic advertising techniques.

How We Solved the Problem

Detailed Brand and Competitor Research

The first phase of our strategy was a comprehensive brand and competitor analysis. This involved identifying the different personality types interested in the client’s product. To do this, we used a variety of methods including audience demographics, product preference surveys, and social media sentiment analysis. Understanding the target audience’s behavior, needs, and preferences was key to developing a highly tailored advertising strategy.

Simultaneously, we conducted an extensive competitor research. We identified brands offering products to similar audiences and analyzed their advertising strategies. We looked at their ad placements, keyword strategies, and visual elements, and assessed their strengths and weaknesses. This helped us find opportunities for our client to differentiate their brand and outshine competitors.

Creating Customer Personas

Based on the data from our brand and competitor research, we created detailed customer personas. These personas represented different segments of our target audience, each with unique characteristics, preferences, and buying behaviors. By doing this, we could ensure that our advertising strategy would resonate with the diverse customer base and effectively attract potential buyers.

Setting Up the Display and Branded Campaigns Funnel

Next, we set up a sophisticated display and branded campaign funnel. This wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach – instead, we tailored the funnel to each customer persona, ensuring the right people saw the right ads at the right time.

To maximize visibility, we used a multi-platform approach, displaying our ads across a variety of channels including product detail pages, search results pages, and third-party websites. We also continually monitored and optimized our ad placements to ensure they were reaching our target audience effectively.

Monitoring and Optimizing the Campaign

Once our campaigns were up and running, we didn’t stop there. We monitored the performance closely, analyzing metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (CR), and return on ad spend (ROAS). We used this data to continually optimize our campaigns, adjusting our bids, refining our targeting, and tweaking our ad creatives for maximum impact. This helped us ensure that our strategy remained effective and efficient throughout its duration.


Our comprehensive and tailored approach produced impressive results. 

We saw a significant 60% increase in overall glance views on the account, demonstrating a marked improvement in brand awareness and reach. 

Most importantly, our ads made a substantial contribution to sales, driving 30% of the total sales with an ACOS of less than 10%

This showed that our strategic, data-driven approach was successful in expanding the client’s brand and increasing their revenue.

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