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Truck Gear Warehouse: Amazon PPC Drives Sales from $0 to $180K in 5 Months

Truck Gear Warehouse

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Background information of Truck Gear Warehouse:

Truck Gear Warehouse is a company specializing in automotive wrapping vinyl, lighting products, and accessories. With a diverse and extensive selection of over 1500 vinyl styles and colors, the company is dedicated to delivering top-tier quality products at competitive prices due to direct engagement with manufacturers. Coupled with excellent after-sales service, Truck Gear Warehouse stands out in its industry.


Launching a new account on Amazon can be a daunting task. There are many challenges associated with launching a new Amazon PPC account, which include understanding the market, setting the right strategies, optimizing product listings, identifying profitable keywords, and effectively utilizing the product catalog.


To overcome these issues, a systematic approach was needed:

Market Research

Comprehensive market research was undertaken to understand the competitive landscape, potential opportunities, and buyer behavior. This step helped us align the product offerings with the market demand.

Keyword Identification

A crucial step in setting up the PPC campaign, we carried out detailed keyword research. This involved identifying high-performing keywords relevant to the products and incorporating them strategically into the campaign to drive visibility and sales.

Product Catalog Utilization

Instead of focusing only on a handful of products, we opted to utilize the extensive product catalog. We leveraged the variety of the products to attract a wider audience and to increase the chances of sales.


Our proactive and strategic approach reaped rich dividends. Sales saw a remarkable growth, rising from $96,305 in February to a whopping $180,356 in June – an increase of nearly 87% in just four months. Alongside this impressive sales performance, we effectively managed to keep the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) at a competitive 11.17%. This balanced achievement between escalating sales and efficient cost control underlines the efficacy of our well-structured Amazon PPC campaign launch strategy.