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EzAuto Wrap Success Story: From Stagnation to 82% Sales Growth with Efficient ACOS Management

ezauto wrap case study

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Background information of EzAuto Wrap:

EzAuto Wrap Inc., established in 2011, is a frontrunner in the automotive wrapping vinyl, lighting products, and accessories industry. Headquartered in California, the company operates extensively in key markets like the United States, Europe, and Asia. By directly engaging with manufacturers, EzAuto Wrap is able to offer competitive prices while maintaining an expansive range of over 1200 vinyl styles and colors. With an unwavering commitment to superior product quality and top-tier after-sale services, the company has carved a niche for itself in the automotive industry.

The Challenge:

Despite the extensive product catalog and market reach, EzAuto Wrap was wrestling with stagnant sales and an underexploited product catalog, as evidenced by the dip in sales visible in the graph when the client approached us. The client primarily relied on only 2-3 products, limiting the potential of their diverse offering. Furthermore, they grappled with an above-average Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) of 11%, which they sought to decrease.

Knowing the issues, it was clear a new strategy was needed. So, we got to work with a focused plan to tackle these challenges:

The Solution:

To turn the situation around, we embarked on a multifaceted approach that included:

Detailed Keyword Research

We dove into a comprehensive keyword analysis to understand what was working, what wasn’t, and where untapped opportunities lay.

Catalog Utilization

Recognizing the vast range of products EzAuto Wrap had to offer, we decided to leverage the full catalog instead of limiting ourselves to just 2-3 products.

ASIN Alignment

We organized all ASINs properly to streamline the sales and marketing process.

Budget Optimization

We slowly increased the budget while simultaneously focusing on ASIN research & optimization. Profitability remained a priority throughout this process.

New Campaign Setup

New campaigns were designed and implemented to improve visibility and sales.

Controlling ACOS and TACOS

We monitored and optimized the ACOS and Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS) to ensure cost-effective ad spending.

The Result:

Our comprehensive strategy led to a remarkable turnaround for EzAuto Wrap. Within a span of just two months, the company witnessed an 82% growth in sales. Furthermore, we were able to achieve the client’s aim of reducing ACOS by 2%. The combined effort significantly boosted the company’s performance, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-rounded and meticulously implemented strategy.