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HarveyFrances: 73% Sales Spike, 7% TACoS Drop

Harvey Frances

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Background information of HarveyFrances:

HarveyFrances, a company known for its innovative EzyShade brand of windshield sunshades, quickly rose to prominence in the auto accessories marketplace after its launch in 2015. With a focus on universal fit and convenience, EzyShade set a new standard for quality and became a best-seller on Amazon.com just a year after its inception, demonstrating HarveyFrances’s impressive market presence and consumer appeal.


Despite their best-seller status, HarveyFrances faced several challenges that needed addressing. First, maintaining sales and retaining the top-seller spot was a continuous battle. Secondly, while striving to increase sales, they also aimed to ensure profitability wasn’t affected. Moreover, their Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS) hovered around 26%, which they aimed to reduce without harming sales performance.


We have doneā€¦.

Budget Re-alignment

Through careful analysis of sales performance and advertising costs, we realigned the budget to prioritize high-performing products and advertising channels.

Detailed Keyword Research

We performed an in-depth keyword analysis, identifying which keywords were delivering organic results and which were underperforming.

Optimization of Product Listings

We thoroughly audited the product listings to enhance their visibility and attractiveness. By optimizing product titles, descriptions, and images, and utilizing relevant keywords, we improved the click-through rate and conversion rate.

Strategic PPC Campaigns

Using the insights gained from our detailed keyword research, we designed and implemented strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. By targeting high-performing keywords and excluding non-performing ones, we improved the effectiveness of their ad spend, leading to more conversions at a lower cost.


After implementing the strategic solutions, the outcomes were quite impressive:

Continued Market Leadership: HarveyFrances succeeded in maintaining its status as a best seller in its category on Amazon.

Increased Profitability: The optimized ad spend and product listings significantly boosted the brand’s profitability.

Improved TACOS: With more effective advertising strategies, the TACOS was reduced from 26% to 19%.

Sales Growth: Most importantly, these combined efforts led to a whopping 73% growth in sales, further solidifying HarveyFrances’s strong market presence.