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Rank Recovery for Pet Brand


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Background information of Pet Brand

 Our client, who was generating a combined monthly revenue of $100K from two-parent listings, accidentally archived all campaigns, leading to a monthly spend of $7K being lost. This incident had a detrimental effect on both their organic and sponsored ranks, causing a steady decline in revenue.

Problem Statement 

The client needed immediate help to regain the lost ranks and recover their revenue stream. The objective was to set up a new campaign structure that would not only recover their rankings but also improve their advertising efficiency.

How We Solved the Problem

Comprehensive Account Analysis

We initiated the recovery process with an in-depth account analysis. This involved scrutinizing both the converting and non-converting search terms. We leveraged the data on the account’s ad spend for the previous 60 days (totaling $15,000) to collect converted keywords and ASINs.

Identifying Key Keywords and ASINs

Our team identified the keywords that we were ranked for and were responsible for the majority of sales, as well as branded keywords. This data was then categorized into three groups – ‘attack’, ‘defend’, and ‘rank’, to streamline our strategy.

Strategic Campaign Setup

For the ‘attack’ set, we targeted top-converting ASINs. In the ‘defend’ set, we initiated campaigns on branded keywords and on our own product pages. Finally, in the ‘rank’ set, we kick-started our ranking campaigns on keywords that brought in the most sales. This comprehensive strategy aimed at a rapid recovery from the erroneous archival while bolstering our campaign efficiency.


The results of our intensive and strategic recovery plan were nothing short of remarkable. Within the first month of the new PPC setup, we successfully regained the lost ranks. 

Further, we managed to increase Ad sales by a staggering 100% at 5% lesser ACOS. This case underscores the importance of a well-structured campaign strategy, even in crisis situations, to rapidly recover and improve advertising performance on Amazon.

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