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72% boost in sales for Car Brand

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Decrease in ACOS



Our client, a prominent German car brand, had been trying to establish their presence on Amazon and increase their revenue. They had already set up an account with a single automatic and manual campaign targeting over 100+ keywords. 

However, despite their year-long presence, they felt the need to amplify their marketing strategy to improve their visibility and revenue while maintaining the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) at the current level of 31%.

Problem Statement 

The major challenge was to increase the client’s revenue while keeping ACOS at the same level. Their account, comprising only two campaigns, needed a robust and comprehensive audit. There was a clear need to scrutinize both the converting and non-converting search terms, understand competitors’ strategies, and pinpoint their weak areas. 

Our task was to develop a competitive advertisement funnel that would target and protect our own branded placements and our top competitors’ placements.

How We Solved the Problem

Conducting an In-depth Account Analysis

The first step in addressing the client’s challenge was to conduct a thorough account analysis. This involved closely examining the search terms that were converting and those that were not. By doing this, we could identify which keywords were generating the most value and which were underperforming.

Performing Category Analysis and Competitor Research

We then performed an in-depth category analysis to gather data about the competitors. This analysis included understanding their strategies and identifying their weak areas. This step was crucial in establishing a strategic edge, as it provided insights into the gaps in the market and opportunities to outperform competitors.

Developing a Comprehensive Advertisement Funnel

With data collection completed, we began the process of creating a complete advertisement funnel. The objective was to strengthen our position on the converted data, protect our own branded placements, and start targeting our top competitors’ placements. 

We used all advertisement products available – Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Displays, to create an all-encompassing strategy that targeted all possible customer touchpoints.

Execution of the Strategy

We implemented the new advertising funnel by gradually integrating our revised strategy into the existing campaigns. This was done to ensure minimal disruption to the client’s ongoing operations while achieving our objective. We focused on optimizing ad placements, adjusting bids, and refining keyword targeting for maximum effectiveness.


Our holistic strategy bore fruits in a relatively short time span. 

Within three months, the newly implemented advertisement funnel was able to produce 72% more AD sales with 5% less ACOS. 

This was a significant achievement considering the initial goal was to increase the revenue while maintaining the same ACOS level. 

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