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Rocketing Sales Growth by 210%: A PPC Success Story for Windscreen Supply Co.

Windscreen Supply Co

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Windscreen Supply Co., based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, has been a valued client for the past 1.5 years. The company is a direct manufacturer and distributor specializing in Windscreens, Mesh Tarps, Sound Control Barriers, and related accessories. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their high-quality products that cater to everyday consumer needs. Each product is carefully manufactured, inspected, and securely packed at its warehouse to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Like many companies venturing into Amazon’s marketplace, Windscreen Supply Co. was facing a set of challenges:

  • Inefficient utilization of the PPC budget, leading to decreased ROI
  • Lack of a comprehensive keyword strategy resulting in lower product visibility
  • Stagnant sales growth
  • High Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS)


To address these issues and boost sales growth, we devised a multifaceted Amazon PPC strategy:

Budget Optimization

We restructured the PPC budget allocation to ensure maximum ROI. This involved analyzing the performance metrics of each campaign and adjusting the budget accordingly.

Keyword Strategy

Comprehensive keyword research was performed. By identifying high-converting and relevant keywords, we were able to enhance the visibility of Windscreen Supply Co.’s products on Amazon.

Product Catalog Utilization

We strategically advertised their diverse product range to target different consumer segments and increase overall sales.

Campaign Optimization

Regular monitoring and optimization of the campaigns helped control the ACOS and improve the ad performance.

Performance Tracking

Regular reports were generated to keep track of the performance metrics and make data-driven decisions.


As a result of our strategic efforts, Windscreen Supply Co. saw significant improvement in their Amazon PPC performance:

  • A remarkable 210% growth in sales.
  • Decrease in ACOS by 4%, enhancing the overall profitability.